Art Class with Dave Dees


   My name is Dave Dees and I am an art educator who has been working in Baltimore's public school system for over a decade.  I have multiple degrees in the field of art education including but not limited to a Masters Degree in Art Education from Towson University.  I have been a presenter at multiple art education gatherings about the importance of video, classroom management (my specialty,) ed tech, and my 5(ish) minute art lessons. Over the course of that time I have developed a system of teaching that allows me to avoid issues in my class while helping everyone succeed.  

   I throw painting/drawing parties, I teach private lessons, I sell merch, I make the dopest free drawing videos on youtube.

   I recently decided that I would put out to the public what I call my 5(ish) minute art lessons.  They are an amazing way to stop fighting with your students' love of technology and become the one teacher they have who embraces it.  You will get your moneys worth the first time you hear how quiet they become when the videos come on (if they have devices and headphones.)

   If I were to "nerd out" about pedagogy for a moment, you can walk around and watch them as they follow along with the video (formative assessment,) you can grab the kids who are really struggling and show them something yourself (targeted small group instruction.)  If the whole class is struggling with something you can devote a day to a skill-builder (videos coming soon.)