When I was younger I was stuck in the cycle of thinking there was something outside me that could fill the void I carried around all the time. I was wrong, and it took addiction, depression, and cancer for me to realize how miserable I was. 

I have come up with a simple system based on all the complex pieces of training I have taken over the years as an educator.  In my opinion, each student comes to me already knowing what they want to do, and where their passions lie.  Most people are just afraid to admit what they want to themselves because they fear failure.  They would rather float around aimlessly in misery than try and fail at something specific.

I can help you get over that fear.  I had to read alone to get out of my rock bottom, but you don't have to.  I can help you tell yourself the truth about what you want. Once we have that we can make a plan for how to achieve the things that really matter to you. We can repair your relationship with yourself, and turn you into a happier more fulfilled version of yourself.

After over a decade of public school art education, and jobs at all the top extracurricular art programs around Baltimore, I can work with any age. I was an outsider when I was younger, I was a lazy jerk when I was older, and I was trapped in a sick cycle brought on by our consumption-based society when I was at my sickest. Meditation and intention would have helped me at any of those stages, and it can help you wherever you are now.

If any of this sounds like you, or if you just want it to, you should learn to meditate and make an intentional plan for your life.

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  • Masters in Education 

  • Certified Life Coach (CBT practitioner)

  • Certified Meditation Teacher

  • Certified Art Teacher (10+ years)


  • Personally Recovered from Addiction

  • Lost over 150 Pounds

  • Found Peace Through Daily Practice

  • Helped Several Students Find Peace Already...


I recently decided to give free introductory lessons in the hopes of people falling in love with meditation. Fill out this form and tell me why you want free lessons, and when you are available for 10-15 minutes to have a lesson online.​

Dave Dees

Baltimore, MD


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