• Dave Dees

Art Lesson Plan Videos in 5 Minutes

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

Art Lesson Plans in 5 Minutes??... Actually more like a UNIT PLAN!

Today I'm going to be explaining to you what exactly a five minute art lesson is

I started working on them about a year ago and there have been a lot of versions over the course of that time. My students have been incredibly helpful letting me know exactly what needed to change I've come up with all of my attempts and edits over that time.  The most common pieces of advice they gave me make it faster, and show us more of you working.

The reason I started on this process to begin with was that I was tired I'm watching my students try and watch their screens instead of paying attention to me. I've always been the type of person trying to figure out the path of least resistance and it seemed obvious to me giving them videos to watch what stop them from trying to watch videos instead of learning.

The first time I made these videos they were 15 minutes long and I noticed that I was losing some students as the videos played along.  Second time I made these videos I made them a maximum of 10 minutes long and that was still too long.  When I landed on trying to keep them under 6 minutes I really noticed that every kid stayed in cage the whole time.

What do I fit into 5 minutes?

Well I have to keep it tight but I can fit everything that needs to be in a good art lesson from start to finish. I start off with a little bit of art history and a cultural Exemplar, then I move on drawing step by step work and also typing instructions to be read along with the video, finally I close it out with a finished example of the project and a list of the expectations. The very last thing that I had to each video is a call to action since to post their work on Instagram in tag art class with Dave Dees in it.  Course seems like Shameless self-promotion until the first time that someone watches their students finish an entire project just so that they can post it in the end.

This is another perfect example of using what your students like in order to get what you want out of them. Instead of telling them they're not allowed to go on social media tell them they are allowed to use it if it is benefiting them in your class. Students will feel respected and understood by this and it will change the vibe of your whole classroom.

Why do teachers love five minute lessons?

Once you buy one and they're always $10 or less you never have to worry about teaching that lesson ever again. You get to spend your time helping students who need help details on the project, making a project better, extending the project, and developing the skills they need to complete the project.  I am not claiming that after 5 minutes of video they will have no question, but I am saying that after 5 minutes of video will have to do with your art project.

I have worked very hard and developing these and have not made them in order to get rich but instead in order to help people who are struggling in the modern classroom.  I think these lessons would make a great gift for a new teacher, or any teacher who needs a little extra help relating to today's modern students.  No one is saying the way you do things is wrong, but it may be time to see how other people are doing things and give it a try.  As teachers we should have no shame when it comes to borrowing ideas from other teachers.  At the end of the day our goal should be learning is happening in our room.

So head over to our video lessons section of this website and try one out today.

p.s. They also come in very handy if you happen to have accidentally stayed up a bit too late the night before, just saying.