• Dave Dees

Getting Drawing Ideas from Videos (does it work?)

Every artist has had days when they knew they wanted to create something, but they couldn't think of what to do. Instead they wasted their creative spark and stayed on the couch. I think finding a decent Youtube drawing channel for inspiration can go a long way to helping people stay active with their art.

On Art Class with Dave Dees' channel on Youtube we try to share the widest variety of things to draw. Unlike the 5(ish) minute videos we sell for teachers, our Youtube is full of a variety of simple drawing videos. Not a lot of instruction, more of a source of challenge and inspiration than a lesson video. Students love the freedom this gives them.

I should also mention that a hidden benifit of these lessons is when you have students in your class that always claim to be "finished early." Telling a kid like that to pick a video and follow along, pausing and rewinding as needed, can give a teacher time to help the students who are really taking advantage of the classwork opportunity of the day. We upload every day so they can't say they've done them all!

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