• Dave Dees

Learning How to Draw from Videos (is it possible?)

Updated: Feb 9, 2019

- Can you learn to draw from how to draw videos?

This question depends on how you watch the videos. If you are just staring at someone on a screen doing something you wish you could do... no, they won't teach you anything. However, if you draw along with a series of videos then you should be able to improve with practice. In this case the videos can be used as a source of inspiration for what to draw, and they can be used to model proper technique.

It also depends on which videos you are choosing to watch. If you are watching video after video of people using expensive digital art equipment it won't teach you any technique. If you watch videos of art fails they may make you laugh, but you are not becoming a better artist. A sequential program on youtube is the way to go. Learn the simple skills, then build upon those with the help of a real art educator and you can gain the skill of drawing.

- What makes a drawing tutorial a good one?

The keys I have discovered over the course of using videos with students for almost a decade are simple. Is there a good explanation? Is there spoken and written instruction at the same time? Does this video connect to a useful channel that can build upon what they have learned? With my 5(ish) minute art lessons I help you create that in your own classroom.

- What things are needed to actually learn drawing?

The #1 thing you need in order to improve at drawing is practice. There is no substitute for putting pencil to paper and making mistakes so that you can learn from them, fix them, and improve your drawing skills. The next most important thing is feedback. I hope you have an art teacher you can share your work with in real life, but if you do not have an irl art mentor tag @artclasswithdavedees on Instagram and we will let you know what we think.

Another key to success is to work consistently. Our Youtube team is taking this challenge on in 2019 hoping to make daily uploads at the minimum for as long as we can. Get over there and subscribe and hit the bell so you can see if we stick to it or not!

-Is it worth learning art, or are people just born with the ability and some aren't?

A lot of people believe that artistic talent is a magical ability that someone is either born with or not, but that is not the case in my experience.  Anyone willing to practice enough WILL develop talents over time.  And today I'm going to be talking about one of the most fantastic ways that someone can keep themselves practicing and training to develop their talents.  The fantastic method that I'm discussing is simply finding a video or a channel like art class with Dave Dees which provides inspiration for daily practice. 

We have all had days where we felt unmotivated to do something despite the fact that we wanted the end results that would come from engaging in that activity.  Drawing is no different in this regard.  Plenty of people who want to get better at drawing, want to practice drawing, want to develop their skills in different artistic areas wind up sitting on the couch instead of practicing.

Tapping into a resource such as an amazing youTube channel like art class with Dave Dees helps you to remove guesswork and doubt from your practice as a developing artist.  You no longer have to wonder what am I going to draw, you no longer  have to worry about getting stuck down a rabbit hole on Google while you were searching for something to draw.  These distractions will be gone once you promise yourself to engage in daily practice from a consistent source of inspiration.

On my channel art class with Dave Dees we try to make sure to produce a variety of content.  We focus on  keeping things challenging so that people can develop their skills over time with our help.  One day you might be learning how to realistically shade a flower, and the next day we might be showing you how to draw Pikachu flying through the air shooting lightning out of his fingers.  Important thing to remember is that all of these different techniques are teaching you skills, shape skills, shading skills, coloring skills, etc.

In short to answer the question "can I learn how to draw from drawing videos?"... The answer is absolutely!  One trip per day to the YouTube channel art class with Dave Dees will provide any artist with multiple methods of practice.  Use these methods of practice every single day and there is no way to not see results.  You will improve as an artist I guarantee it. So get out their log on to art class with Dave Dees work!