Legs and Shoes Drawing (self-expression) - 5(ish) Minute Art Lesson


This is a simple set up that can be taken in many ways.  It talks about how someone could show who they are through just their shoes, their legs, and where they are located.  Then the student is asked to render as realistically as they can (with some high quality pointers thrown in there.)  This is a great photo project combined with drawing that can be done in small groups and take quite a long time being highly educational and productive all throughout.  

   The amazing thing about a 5 minute art lesson is that while they all zone into it as if they were staring at a Fortnite video on their phones you can go around the quiet room and see how they are doing. This offers a chance for formative assessment and targeted small group instruction. They will have questions after the videos are over, they always do, but this time they will be about the art project.

   The reason these videos are the deal of a lifetime is that you never have to buy them again. You could buy a video and use it in your first year to help with planning and classroom management and still have it available to you in your 35th year when you don't know how to get the kids to stop riding their hoverboards around the classroom. :)

   Just Imagine a world where instead of repeating yourself you could just say "...find it in the video."