Painting the Color Wheel - 5(ish) Minute Art Lesson


I am lowering the price on this color wheel painting lesson video so that people will see what one of my videos is like.  That way you can be HYPE for my lessons when I get the rest of them out there.  My hope is that people will have fun and teach with these.  Enjoy being able to walk around and help students while someone repeats the instructions for you. Buy it once and you can use it every year for any number of reasons...  you are behind on planning, you are new to teaching and want a break from the stress, as an extension for the kids who always want to be "finished early,"  or maybe you got devices at your school and you want to impress your admin with the same things I use during my own observations.  Whatever the reason you are here, I hope it helps and all I ask is that you come back for more!