Price and services are always negotiable.  Please Contact with any questions

Let a Teacher of the Year Nominee come in and show your whole team how to make videos, share videos, why videos are the right thing for today's learners, and offer a collection of videos made with my proven system to support everyone in their incorporation of this educational technology. 

Educational Video Workshops for Teachers or Trainers

     I have been an educator for over a decade so when I learn something I want to share it with others.  When I taught myself how to make video lessons for use in my art class and saw the AMAZING results in all areas of the educational experience I started sharing with my friends and peers.  Thanks to their wonderful results and some opportunities to present for educators I have put together a consultancy package available to interested schools or educators or any kind. 


This process provides the following:

  • Presentation with Group Video Planning Activity and Rationale

  • Video Step-By-Step Guides to Planning, Recording, Editing, and Sharing Videos

  • Follow-Up Training Session with Video Liaisons (I make your people into local experts for on site support.)

  • Everything is personalized to your preferences in technology (Optional, requires advance notice.)

Why Use Video Lessons?

  • Allows educators to observe learners while learning is occurring.  This allows for responsive education based on educating every learner.

  • Creates enriching opportunities for technology use, collaboration, student-let lessons, flipped classrooms, most important it offers STUDENT CHOICE.

  • Creates collaborative opportunities in educational communities such as subject-based departments.  Sharing lessons among employees creates collections of videos on similar subject, offering STUDENT CHOICE interact with the new information being presented.

Price and services are always negotiable.  Please Contact with any questions